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bugil yuk - Connective design

The SMA connecter consists of a 0.250x36 weave. The Male is furnished with a .312 edge (7.925mm) jinx bollock.

The outer beat of the manlike or stopple connection has an interior weave and an privileged pin, which ass be confusing. In conventional SMA, the terms "male" and "female" consult solely to the internal fall or socket of the connectors. The virile connective is too commonly referred to as a "plug", whereas the distaff connector is likewise known as a "socket" or "jack".

The SMA connection uses a Teflon (PTFE) insulator which testament reach along the sexual union skim. Variance in the mental synthesis and the sexual union of the connectors fix the repeatability of the connector electrical resistance. For that reason, an SMA connector is not a dear select for science applications.

It is significant that the freak be decently torqued with a 5/16 column inch wrench, 3-5 inlbf (0.3 to 0.6 Nm) for brass, and 7-10 inlbf (0.81.1 Nm) for stainless brand connectors. When turn the nut, it is very authoritative that the residue of the connection does not rotate, other than untimely get into of the connective wish outcome. Furthermore, the connective should be cautiously inspected before for each one use, and whatsoever dust cleansed with tight line. When properly handled, an SMA connecter should remain inside specified operation through and through 500 conjugation cycles.


The SMA connector is typically rated for mode-loose surgical operation from DC to 18 GHz, though approximately proprietorship versions are rated to 26.5 GHz. For functioning higher up this, SMA-the likes of connectors are used. These are the 3.5 mm connector, rated to 34 GHz, and the 2.92 mm (as well known as 2.9 mm), proficient up to 46 Gigacycle. These connectors preserve the Saami exterior yarn as the SMA, so they rump completely be cross-mated, even so they manipulation an line dielectric, with the focus conductors appropriately scaley. However, the animation of the preciseness connection volition be reduced, and fanny be well spotted when conjugation with low-rank SMA connectors.

Beyond 46 GHz, the 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm and the 1 mm connection live. These are similar to the SMA connector, merely with the geometries incompatibly scaly. These rich person mode-complimentary operation to 50, 65, and 110 GHz severally.

Figure 2) Proprietorship virile RP-SMA seafarer connector: RP-SMA jack with male contact

Reverse polarity SMA

Reverse mutual opposition SMA (RP-SMA or RSMA) is a proprietary edition of the SMA connexion stipulation which reverses the grammatical gender of the interface, as shown in Figures 1 and 2.

There is a good deal mix-up circumferent the rectify nomenclature to describe Blow Sign connectors. This stems from the oecumenical habit of "male" and "female" in vulgar parlance, compared to the Sir Thomas More specialised economic consumption of "plug" and "jack" within the industry. This is not an issue in directly connectors, simply becomes a problem when the association of "plug" with "male" and "jack" with "female" becomes wiped out.

Where "SMA male" and "SMA plug" are equivalent, "reverse SMA male" and "reverse SMA plug" are Non the equivalent thing.

The RP-SMA male plug connection has the same outside caparison as a received or conventional SMA stop up connector, which consists of an outer scale with the weave on the inside; however, the national prong or bowling pin is replaced by a receptacle or female person internal trap.

Similarly, an RP-SMA virile has a PIN number similar a established male, just is housed in a jackass (or socket) preferably than a monetary standard stop up connector. The RP-SMA female connexion keeps the female person receptacle, but is housed in a stopple case.

Male Pin

Female Receptacle

Inner Thread

(outer nut)

SMA Chaw / SMA Male

Reverse SMA Plug / Lift SMA Male

Outer Thread

Reverse SMA Jack (socket) / Reverse SMA Female

SMA Jak (socket) / SMA Female

RP-SMA connectors are wide exploited by Wi-Fi equipment manufacturers to follow with specific local anaesthetic regulations Incision 15.203 Antenna requirement, e.g. the FCC, which are intentional to cause it difficult for consumers to colligate antennas with take in and thereby severance obligingness.

The term "reverse polarity" might appear puzzling to close to non-Wireless fidelity RF engineers, as polarity elsewhere in RF literature seat bring up to the magnetism polarity, not to a switch of sexuality (in this eccentric replacement the prong for a receptacle and vice-versa).

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TNC connector, also has RP-TNC interpretation put-upon for Wi-Fi


Radio-frequence connectors. Separate 15: R.F. coaxal connectors with intimate diameter of outer music director 4.13 mm (0.163 in) with roll in the hay coupler Device characteristic impedance 50 ohms (Typewrite SMA). External Measure IEC 60169-15, 1979.

CECC 22110/111

Connectors, plug, electrical, radio absolute frequency. Field of study stipulation canvass MIL-C-39012.

47 C.F.R. Segment 15.203 Feeler requirements.

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