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Hi buddies. I'm Alex. I'm a pianist student based in Barcelona. Internet is a great thing for musicians. We do have a lot of information, tutorials, resources, people interchanging knowledge. I absolutely love it. However I noticed that we don't have one particular site that is the focus of everything. I admired and admire the power of wikipedia. Everybody contributing and creating the biggest learning community.

I also noticed that is very difficult when starting to learn music to know which information is good and which is not. Then the idea of Musiwiki came out. I said: let's create a comunity where everybody contributes and let's build together the biggest music comunity. The aim of this project is to allow everybody to learn music. No matter which level. I wanted to create a resource where you can find all your music doubts. And the great thing is that we are building this together.

I am going to contribute the most I can, uploading absolutely everything I learn. I also encourage you to participate by teaching your knowledge.