Before adding any kind of content please read this Good Practices

If the Discusison Talk page is not created, please create it

Good Practices

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1. Before creating a new page, please check that the page is not already created.

2. Before editing a page, please read the discussion Talk

3.. Every page has a parent category, and the parent category can also be a subcategory of another parent category. For example we can have:

Music by genre --> Jazz --> Jazz Masterclasses ---> Michael League Masterclass

If you create a new page, please add it to the corresponding category by inserting the following line at the bottom of the page.

 [[Category:Name of category]] 

4. Everybody can add and modify content. Please be responsible. We are building this together

5. If an user post spam, delete massive content or don't post about what it should, will be immidiately blocked.