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Bill Laurance Masterclass

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This is an orderly summary of all the masterclasses and talks by Bill found on the web.

Practice Regiment

There used to be a time where I practiced everyday, but now I don’t have time to really practice. I would say that my routine these days is primarily my compositions. I practice through my compositions. With that being said it all begins with scales and arpeggios, as boring as that is. My first teacher was a ragtime player and he got me through it, and I learned the scales because I really wanted to play ragtime. There has to be a positive reason as to why you’re practicing. You can’t do it like you’re going to the gym, there has to be creative reason why you’re practicing. All technique or composing for that matter all stem from scales and arpeggios.

The routine has to be personal to you. Find artists that you love and sit down and practice their stuff, as well as understand what they’re doing. Also schedule your practices. When I used to do it everyday I would practice from 12 to 2 everyday. For me it was always staying honest and making sure that whatever I was doing was what I really wanted to do.


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