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All The Things You Are

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X: 1
%% Copyright 1939 PolyGram International Publishing, Inc.
T:All The Things You Are
C:Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II
F:	 2016-06-21 181758 UT
"Fm7" A8 | "Bbm7" d6 A2 | "Eb7" G2 G2 G2 G2 | "Abmaj7" G2 c4 G2 |
w: You | are the | pro- mised kiss of | spring- time that |
"Dbmaj7" F2 F2 F2 F2 | "Dm7" F2 B4 "G7" F2 | "Cmaj7" =E8- | E8 ||
w: makes the lone- ly win- ter seem long.*
"Cm7" E8 | "Fm7" A6 E2 |"Bb7" =D2 D2 D2 D2 | "Ebmaj7" =D2 G4 D2 |
w: You are the breath- less hush of eve- ning that
"Abmaj7" C2 C2 C2 C2 | "Am7b5" C2 =DE "D7" D2 C2 | "Gmaj7" =B,8- | =B,2 =D2 G2 =d2 ||
w: trem-bles on the brink of a love-ly song. * You are the
"Am7" =d4 c2 c2- | "D7" c2 ^D2 =E2 c2 | "Gmaj7" =B8- | B2 =D2 G2 =B2 |
w: an-gel glow * that lights a star. * The dear-est
"F#m7b5" =B4 =A2 A2- | "B7" A2 B,2 =B,2 =A2 | "Emaj7" ^G8- | "C7" G6z2 ||
w: things I know * are what you are. *
"Fm7" _A8 | "Bbm7" d6 A2 | "Eb7" G2 G2 G2 G2 | "Abmaj7" G2 c4 G2 |
w: Some | day my hap-py arms will hold you, and
"Dbmaj7" F8 | "Dbm6" e6 d2 | "Cm7" E2 E2 (3 E2 E2 E2 | "Bdim7" G6 F2 |
w: some day I'll know that mo-ment di- vine, when
"Bbm7" D2 D2 F2 A2 | "Eb7" f4 G4 | "Ab6" A8 | "Gm7b5" z4 "C7" z4 |]
w: all the things you are are mine.

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